I have been a customer of this business for over 10 years and still can't believe how professional and courteous the service is. Always quick turnaround and immediate delivery. Just started using the TEXT message service which makes everything that much easier. The real gem in this business is the tailor they employ. JOE, who is an old fashioned and highly skilled professional that could easily work at any NYC tailor for triple the money. He has worked on almost every suit I have bought over the last 10yrs. He's also updated some great suits ans shirts I had that needed to be reshaped into the newer/straighter styles. Fantastic work and very fair prices. He's done alot of similar work with my significant other on dresses/skirts etc. Joe the Tailor at the Shipyard Cleaners is a TRUE GEM!

I've tried several cleaners in uptown Hoboken and this one is far and away the best with the quickest turnaround.


Joe and his wife are real pros, doing exceptional work at both alterations and repairs.


This is the best dry cleaner  I experienced since moving from Manhattan. Quality work ,excellent service is why I keep coming back.


So this is the Ship Yard Cleaners in Uptown Hoboken. Ralph has another branch Downtown, but I have not used that location. 
While the quality of the laundry and dry cleaning here is certainly very good, it is the service that really makes a difference. 
The cleaners also has excellent tailoring service for men' and women's clothing at very attractive pricing. Joe and his wife are real pros, doing exceptional work at both alterations and repairs. 
The team there are all very attentive and really care about their customers. Jordan, Shanika, Melody, and Josani all really work to make sure things are done correctly. This is essentially a neighborhood service provider, so they know their customers and take care of them. 
The only suggestion I could make would be Sunday afternoon hours , as so many here travel during the week. 
But this is a very well managed service provider that we are all happy to have here in North Hoboken


Always go there for my dry cleaning. Very friendly staff and excellent service. You really feel an appreciated customer.


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Shipyard Cleaners
1328 Shipyard Lane
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 216-1123